AJA Bangladesh:


AJA Bangladesh is a private limited company specialising in auditing, Inspection and Training.  with high technical content, which provide diversified solutions according to the needs of companies, international groups, and institutions of all sizes. So, whether you are a small-sized company operating locally, or a multinational operating on a global scale, AJA Bangladesh provides you with customised services that give you concrete and internationally recognised solutions to your needs.


AJA Bangladesh Limited was founded by a very experienced and skilled audit team who have worked in a famous international certification body with more than 35 years management systems and social compliance audit experiences.


AJA Bangladesh Limited is committed to maintaining the Independence, Transparency, Impartiality, Competence, Integrity, Responsibility, Openness, Confidentiality, Responsiveness to complaints and Honesty in the conduct of its business throughout the world. Our skilled and passionate team of experts based across the globe gives clients a unique insight into the context, culture, regulations, standards, labour laws and working practices in the countries where we work.